Before Your Treatment


  1. Drink Lots of Water!!!  The day before and the day of.  The water within your tissues acts as a conductor for the electricity.

  2. Hygiene is extremely important, please shower before treatment, especially for private area(s).

  3. No make-up on the face.

  4. No deodorant, if working on the axillae.

  5. No caffeine, sugar or chocolate, these cause sensitivity. 

  6. Note if you are a week shy of or on your menstrual cycle, this will also cause extreme sensitivity. 

  7. Numbing cream needs to be applied 45 minutes prior to treatment, (apply a thick layer to area and cover with saran wrap).  By doing this you keep the numbing cream active.

  8. You may take Tylenol 30 min prior to treatment.

After Your Treatment


  1. Continue to Drink Plenty of Water.

  2. Do Not Touch the  treated area with your fingers, this may cause white heads.  If White heads occur,  apply an Epson Salt compress, (Mix 1 tablespoon of Epson Salt with 1/2 cup of warm water, mix and soak up with a wash cloth, apply cloth to the area(s) infected.  Let sit for 5 minutes or until puss has drawn out, apply Tea Tree oil with a Q-tip to infected areas.  (Do not pick at these, more bacteria will get into follicle, making it worse).

  3. For swelling and redness, you may apply Arnica Gel or Cream.  Ice may also be applied immediately after treatment.

  4. For scabs, apply Neosporin and/or Aloe Vera apply daily until completely healed. Hydrocortisone cream may be applied for 2 days only.  (Do not pick your scabs you can create permanent scars).

  5. Avoid Sun as much as possible.  Side Effects may cause Hyperpigmentation. 

  6. Avoid Sweating.

  7. Avoid make-up.  If you must, you may use brand new or sanitized brushes and sponges.

  8. Do Not Tweeze or Wax in between your Electrolysis treatments, you will defeat the purpose, these methods stimulate, while I am trying to destroy.  You may shave, cut or use a Depilatory cream.

  9. ​Some re-growth is expected, this is normal, some follicles need more than one treatment.  You will notice the hair to be scarce over time and not as coarse, eventually eliminated.